Eventon Action User Addon 2.4.1

Eventon Action User Addon 2.4.1

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EventOn Action User Addon allow front-end event submissions, user permissions control and a whole lot of other amazing features. EventOn Action User Addon is a whole 9 yards of an addon for eventON. EventOn Action User Addon allows front-end event submissions with huge array of variations and customization, front-end event manager, user permissions control and user assignments for events.


  • Fully Customizable Event Submission Form: ActionUser adds a fully customizable front-end form where you can select the fields user can enter values and order fields of the form to best fit your needs.
  • Lightbox Form: The front-end submission form can also be set to open as in-window lightbox form that is also responsive on mobile devices.
  • Restrict Form Access: You can easily restrict event submissions only to logged-in users of your website or allow anyone to submit events. Submissions can be set to save as draft or published events.
  • One Submission per User: Along with restrict submissions, you can restrict only one event submission per logged-in user from the front-end form.
  • Default Event Types: Easily assign default event type 1 and/or 2 category tags to submitted events for easy recognition from back-end.
  • Select from List or Add New: Event type categories, location and organizer fields can be set to allow users to select field values from previously saved values or allow them to create new values.

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