Complianz Privacy Suite – GDPR and CCPA

Complianz Privacy Suite – GDPR and CCPA

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Complianz Privacy Suite Overview:

Get compliant today in the European Union, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil & South Africa with the only Privacy Suite for WordPress that offers a fully-featured plugin for Worldwide Compliance.

Complianz Privacy Suite GPL Features:

  • Supported Regions
    Governments around the world are working on increasingly stricter privacy legislation. Our legal team spends every day auditing ever-changing privacy legislation around the globe, including specific differences between EU countries (eg. Germany) or State-specific (Quebec in Canada and several states in the US). These are updated and added frequently.
  • Legal Documents
    Generate your legally validated legal documents correct and up-to-date at all times. Complianz helps you generate all required legal documents, with the comprehensive and understandable wizard. The dynamically generated pages are automatically updated in case we find new cookies on your site, or if legislation for a specific region is updated.
  • Consent Management
    Complianz offers a fine-grained consent management tool to ask consent for cookies that require consent for the visitor’s region. This can be either opt-in, opt-in (including statistics), opt-out, or no banner at all. Cookies and scripts are blocked or fired based on the required consent level.
  • Integrations
    Complianz is one of the few WordPress native solutions, integrated with a wide variety of plugins and Services. Once configured through the wizard, Complianz will work with most of your plugins and embedded content out of the box.
  • Cookie Banner
    A highly customizable cookie banner with templates for several regions and specifically designed to adapt to privacy laws. To prevent the overload of information we have designed the banners to create a user experience that is simple and fast while presenting the user with an unambiguous and informative banner.
  • Script Center
    While we pride ourselves on standard integrations for the most popular services and plugins, we also provide you with the possibility to block and enable your own scripts, iFrames and plugins however you desire.
  • Languages
    Complianz is fully integrated with WordPress’ locale management and fully translated into over 39 locales. This means that the Complianz wizard and back-end menus will very likely be translated into your native language. Also, the cookie banner and legal documents are translated, with the exception of the UK and US (as the legal language is English).
  • Support & Updates
    At Complianz, we intend to excel in customer support. Our tech support is at your disposal to help you prepare your website for privacy legislation around the globe, while our developers are continuously working on adding amazing features to further improve your consent management. Our legal department always has an eye out for changing privacy legislation.

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